Franklin Stöver (1953-)

Selected Works of Franklin Stöver

22 May 2023 News

New titles to be added to the list. Inquiries welcome.


Ricordanze, for oboe (or clarinet). viola & piano

Aubade & Gigue, for oboe, violin & piano

Herodia (folk ballet), for clarinet, bassoon, horn, violin, perc. & piano

Feuilletons nr. 1 for clarinet & string quartet 

The Cat & The Canary (silent film, DVD, Image Entertainment)

Trialog, for violin, clarinet & piano (published by Subito Press)

Trialog 2, for viola, clarinet & piano

Elogio da Morte for flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, viola, piano & voice


L'Enchanteur pourrissant, for woodwind quintet

Quartet L'Aveugle, for flute, clarinet, bassoon & horn

Quartet écrevisse, for flute, oboe, clarinet & bassoon

Herodia - danse de caractère, for woodwind quintet (waltz from the ballet)

Feuilletons nr. 2, for clarinet quartet (3 clarinets, 1 bass)

The Song of Percival Peacock, for reed quintet & narrator. Text: R. Edson

Four Arcana, for woodwind quintet & guitar (published by Subito Press)

Double Concerto for bassoon, contrabassoon & orchestra (published by Subito Press)

Sonata, for basset clarinet & piano

Sonatine Soigné, for bass clarinet & piano

Edentata Suite, for contrabassoon & piano

Chromatic Harmonica

Duo-Concertante, for 16-hole harmonica, violoncello & orchestra (piano  reduction available)


Trio-Concertante, for trombone, tuba & piano

Trio-Concertante, for trumpet, horn & piano

Introit Invectivus, for brass quintet

Suite Liturgique, for trumpet, horn & tuba


Hymn of Memnon, for full orchestra

Hymn of Memnon, version for violoncello & orchestra

Memento Mori, for string orchestra

Double Concerto for Bassoon, Contrabassoon & String Orchestra (Subito Press) 

Concertino for Sax and Chamber Orchestra 

Duo-Concertante, for chromatic harmonica, 'cello & piano

“Ex undis” (the waves) for full orchestra

Capriccio Borgogna, for bassoon and chamber orchestra

Piano Solo

Rugose Rags, for solo piano

Five Bagatelles, for solo piano (Subito Music Corp.)


Ketchup (comic opera), for 2 singers & chamber orchestra. Text: R. Edson

The Song of Percival Peacock, for reed quintet & narrator. Text: R. Edson

Herodia (folk ballet), for clarinet, bassoon, horn, violin, perc. & 4 hands piano

Transcriptions of other composers' works

Le Festin d'Esope by Charles Alkan, arr. for clarinet & piano

Symphonie-Concertante, op. 103, for 2 clarinets & orchestra (1830) by Andreas Spaeth (piano reduction)

Symphony in F# minor, op. 143 (1831) by Sigfrid Karg-Elert, for orchestra

Six Chorale Preludes, for brass quintet by Sigfrid Karg-Elert

Double Concerto in C for clarinet, 'cello & piano by Antonio Salieri, reconstructed

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