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10 Apr 2020
Späth's Symphonie Concertante (1830) for 2 clarinets & orchestra/piano reduction
Later this year (in 2020) I will be bringing out a 2 clarinet piano reduction of Andreas  Späth's  unique Symphonie Concertante, op. 103 for 2 clarinets and orchestra, in 3 movements. The work will be available both here and at possibly by January 2020. Excerpted from the Forward are the following notes on the work and the composer.  The 3-movement Symphonie Concertante, op. 103 by Andreas Späth was completed in 1828 and published in 1830 by  Bernhard Schott of ...
10 Apr 2020
Salieri Concerto reinvented
Available in Summer of 2020 will be a completely different version of Antonio Salieri's Concerto in C (1773). Originally conceived for piano and orchestra, the 3-movement work has been reimagined as a double concerto for clarinet and 'cello with piano accompaniment. Salieri composed a number of double and triple concertos utilizing flute, 'cello, violin and oboe, but did not get around to composing such a work for clarinet. Salieri wrote extensively for clarinet in his many operas, and taking his least ...
03 Nov 2019
Karg-Elert Symphony in F# minor availability (free download)
Sometime in mid 2020 I will be making Sigfrid Karg-Elert's Symphony in F# minor (1930) available in orchestrated form to Edition Peters, conductors and anyone else interested. Downloadable as a link I will later provide, the 150+ page score with performance notes is offered without charge as the original is not in public domain. Inquiries are welcome. Karg-Elert's Symphony was originally conceived for organ and published by Peters with a duration of approximately 32 minutes.